Kindness has never been in greater demand

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Give the gift of hope and of a better future.

    Kindness in Action.

    Our passion for people has taught us that often, it’s the simplest things that really count. The transformation that comes with having enough clothes to wear or food to eat, a toy to play with or some quality time and attention cannot be overstated. We focus our efforts on people at each end of the age spectrum: children and the elderly. 

    With love and kindness, childhood and old age can be the most joyful of times. Without them, they can be difficult and lonely. Our simple formula consists of giving time together with practical help – and it makes a huge difference.

    Our “Special Projects” consist of fulfilling people’s dearest wishes. They may not be the most ambitious desires, but if they matter to someone, they matter to us. Whether it’s feeling snow on their tongue or hearing the roar of a crowd inside a soccer stadium, we do what we can to make it happen. Because with time and love, dreams really can come true.

    Your time, skills and energy can make all the difference. Show you care by registering as a GMF volunteer today..