“When my Dad passed away, I made a promise that I will follow my dream to give back to the community” – Gregg Mitchley

Don’t just give – give back.

The Gregg Mitchley Foundation was established in 2019 as a way to channel the extraordinary energy and generosity of ordinary people who want to make a difference. Gregg realised that many people were looking for opportunities to share their time or donate financially but felt overwhelmed by the scale of the social and economic problems facing South Africa.

Gregg’s vision was to find and publicise specific causes that would directly benefit kids, the youth and elderly people. By quantifying their needs and making meeting them achievable, the Gregg Mitchley Foundation has helped to unlock the famous generosity of South Africans from all walks of life and helped people to connect with those less fortunate than themselves.

If you’ve been looking for a way to really make a difference, click on one of the links below and join us as we make kindness in action a reality for more South Africans.

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