Etwatwa Township

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The Etwatwa Township

On the 12th of November the GMF headed off to Etwatwa township where we worked closely with John Wesley Community and all I can say is WOW….

After dropping off over 200l of Pepsi cold drink and over 400 hot dogs for the children we all went for the Walk Against Child Abuse in the streets of Etwatwa…

What an electric experience it was. Holding some of the kids we were walking with , dancing and singing crying out to the Townships people to please stop the child abuse and all the horrible crimes.

The faces on these little innocent children was mind blowing to say the least. Such beautiful little souls smiling and loving the atmosphere yet little do they really know how much negativity is out there.

The more I witnessed these precious faces the more I want to be determined to get out and do as much as I possibly can to make their lives that much better.

So once again I am crying out to as many of you as possible to please find it in your heart to try contribute just R100 per month so we can all get behind these beautiful kids and make that difference.

Thank you to all those who were involved it truly was an event I will never forget and pray over every single child in out beautiful country…

Gregg Mitchley
Director of Kindness

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