Kitten Rescue Story


Kitten Rescue Story

I received a call from someone who was in tears over a situation where this person (cannot mention her name) has been left to take care of 22 kittens. It may not sound so dramatic to many, but when you have just tragically lost your boyfriend and your income barely covers your own food, it is a mountain to climb every single month. 

This lady does nothing but reach out to others and has basically stopped taking care of herself; it can become a very dark and lonely place to be. 

She is a passionate, loving and kind person, in horrible situation. 

So the #GMF went out to see what we could do to possibly assist, the best part about this is that she had no idea that the next week we would be surprising her with a few more things. 

I could not wait! We all know animals are the perfect example of unconditional love. They make all of us change in ways we sometimes don’t even realise, pure love!

#GMF wants to say a massive THANK YOU to Vincent Spice and Theuns Lochner from #completepetsupplies for reaching out and for putting Kindness in Action and for donating a whole lot of dog and cat food for this person.

Once again, to many of us it may seem like a small gesture but to this lady it is the biggest and means more to her than we could ever imagine. 

Never forget to take a moment and think about what others may be going through. Their pain may be worse than you will ever realise, so always try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before choosing to criticise or judge. This world is already dark and gloomy as it is so if we all come together to #makeadifference the world we live in can become a much better place to be.

Things may have been a little quiet (as many of you know why) but that does not mean that the #GMF was quiet behind the scenes at all, I was lucky enough to spend some real quality time in a squatter camp where I have never seen so much love between all races. Unfortunately I could not take photographs but the amount of love I got to feel there helped show me that if we all stand together it can turn a lot of things around. 

THANK YOU to a friend who also doesn’t want to be named for supplying the food for this day. Your kindness is appreciated more than u know….😊

Wanderers cricket with the elderly:

Then, yes there’s more, in February the #GMF took a group of elders to enjoy the cricket at the Wanderers. To think that most of these elders have never seen a live cricket match before in their entire lives. 

I have never seen so much excitement in my life. 

These experiences just go to show how we need to appreciate the places we get to go, it may be a restaurant or something as simple as a road house visit but we are fortunate to do what we do. 

Thank you to #thecateringlark for donating an AMAZING layout of food for the elders to enjoy!

Thank you for your Kindness in Action…

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