Ramsgate Getaway


Ramsgate Getaway For The Elderly

Ramsgate get away for the elders

On the 5th of October I had the privilege of taking four members from the Thembalami Care Centre. 

What an eye opener it was. These elders have never flown in an aeroplane before and have never seen the sea or felt what it is like to walk along a beach and feel the beautiful sand. 

When we got to our destination in Ramsgste and headed off to our first visit to the beach ,one of the elders held onto my shoulders as she thought she was going to sink under the sand. This is how much she knew about the sea.

To have actually been able to be right next her and witness and experience her joy, and absolute happiness is something I will never forget in my life time.  

Just goes to show you how blessed most of us are. We head off on business trips to Cape Town, PE or Durban for a couple hours , yet these members have never even been to an airport.  We sometimes take an opportunity to shoot down to the coast to watch a sporting event and catch a swim in the sea over a weekend yet these members have never even seen the ocean.  

Whay an amazing 7 days the #GMF had with four elders who to this day cannot stop talking about their experiences.  

Never take life and what we have for granted, it can be taken away within an instant and before we know it we may have nothing. 

Thank you to all those who made this trip possible.  It’s what we as the #GMF do. We will go out of our way to try make the impossible possible and most of all put as many smiles on faces as we possibly can

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