Thembalami Care Centre – Day Of Pampering


Edenhaven & Thembalami Care Centre

On the 9th December the #GMF had their hair and nails pampering day held at Eden haven in Edenvale and Thembalami Care centre.

Well if ever there was a time I was caught off guard it was this event. What a superb day this was, the most amazing support from friends and shop owners was something to be admired and I can never express enough gratitude towards these amazing people. The work that goes on behind the scenes to do what these professionals do is mind blowing.  Their skills in what they do is just magnificent and I cannot thank all those who sacrificed their time and day to be a part of an absolute epic day. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

What was more important was to see all the elders absorbed in all these activities happening from room to room and from up stairs to down stairs.  I have never seen so many happy faces in my life.  Being pampered with manicures,  finger massages and hair trims and full cuts. Not to miss out on all the wonderful sponsored treats in cakes, sweets ,buns and so much more. 

The #GMF hair and nail pampering day was an absolute blast and it is something I would want to happen more often. Smiling faces and spending time sharing as much love with these elders was one of the best days ever. 

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